NYC Council approves Jamaica Street renaming for Tuskegee Airmen

CBG Chapter Member/Historian Attempts to Set Speed Record in his TA Tribute Racing Car, the "Faithful Pursuit"



Dear members and friend, I am busy preparing the Faithful Pursuit for another attempt at a 1/4 mile speed record for the big Buick Electra. It will be a while until I can settle down to getting the photos and information together for a presentation for you all, particularly since I would like to have the victory included, but please follow me on my quest.


My last attempt was very close, the record stands at 11.7 seconds to cover the quarter mile at a 117mph terminal speed. My attempt was 12.31 seconds at 116.6 mph. 

I have spent the last several weeks working on the car. Hopefully I will have good news to report soon.


Best wishes, 


Michael Joseph,

Claude Govan TAI Chapter Historian


Good luck Faithful Pursuit!!


York College Tuskegee Airmen Project Video


York College Students trace, reenact and recreate the history or the Tuskegee Airmen on-stage!!!.


Click on the link below:

NYC Transit Authority Dedicates Depot to Former DOTA Employees

After a tireless campaign led by CBG Chapter President Patt Terrelongue, DOTA's Brewster, Collymore, DeSandies, Dickenson, Freeman, Harris, Hawkins, McKenzie, Reid, Sutton, Terrelonge and Wilson are recognized and honored by the NYC Tranist Authority with the naming of a major Manhattan Transit Depot in their honor.

CBG Chapter Mourns the loss of Airman Wilfred DeFour.  December 8, 2018.

Helping Our Youth Take Flight – Tuskegee Meets BPA

In aviation, individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds are underrepresented.  The COVID crisis has highlighted the need for more aviators. To help fill this gap, the Claude B. Govan Tri-State Chapter Tuskegee Airmen Inc. and the New York Metro Chapter Black Pilots of America (BPA) are launching the inaugural class of the "Helping Our Youth Take Flight – Tuskegee Meets BPA" program. This innovative training and mentoring program consists of introductory flights (2-hours) (for youth ages 13-17) and 36-hour ground course training (for people ages 16- 24) that exposes participants to the profession of aviation. Our goal is to enroll participants from underserved communities in the program, allowing them to gain knowledge and skills about aviation.


The program will launch in Spring 2023. We are currently recruiting participants for the introductory flights portion of our program. Young people ages 13-17 will be exposed to flight through an airplane ride with one of our trained instructors from Black Pilots of America.  


The application can be found using the link or the QR code below: